You can enjoy the camper life by Bed-Kit of HIACE!!

  • You have stressfree compact and comfortable bed system!!
  • High quality and high standard by all made in Japanese.
  • You can install the Bed-Kit by yourself. Don't need any tools.
  • You absolutely enjoy the comfortable surfing and snowboarding life!!
  • You don't have to consider about bed during your adventures in NZ.

Adoptation type

Body length Long
Body width Standard
Roof Standard・High roof
Floor Standard
Grade(VAN) SuperGL・DX・GLpackage
Seating Capacity 2/5people・3/6people・3people
number of door
5doors / 4doors


Pattern of a main part


mat color

Leather Black

Adapted new type of Hiace, Regiusace

Bed-kid of Basic-rv is adopted to Hiace of type four and Regiusace. It is able to be installed to the car has powerslides.


Bed-Kid with a table

Very convenient table!! Have a lunch,dinner and do deskworks by laptop.

Size of table:350×550mm (Four cup holders on the corners)

The two center mats have a hole of table's pipe each.
You can change the position of the table back and forth.

Or you can take off the mats anytime.